Design Considerations For Your Bathroom Remodel

There are so many details that enter into a successful bathroom remodeling project! Unless you’re a professional who does it every day — or a San Antonio homeowner who’s been through this a number of times — then all details, processes, options and decisions might be overwhelming. If you’re tackling a bathroom remodel project, having some reasonable expectations of what to expect and what … [Read more...]

Is Your Home Getting Smarter?

If you thought keeping up with smartphone technology was challenging, what about your gadgets at home? From LED lights that shut off when you leave the room to sensors that alert you to problems with your plumbing, brainy home applications are emerging on the market. Are you ready to tell your washing machine to start and stop from the comfort of your couch? Or light the porch and open the windows … [Read more...]

Make the Most of Your Kitchen Island

Need an additional storage and workspace in your kitchen without spending a lot of money and time with a complete kitchen renovation? A kitchen island is your answer. An efficient kitchen island offers fixes that are ideal for many kitchens – from the smallest condo kitchen to great room kitchens and everything in between. From a movable kitchen island cart to seating area islands, the … [Read more...]

Easy Tips to Warm Your Home’s Welcome for the Holiday Season

Nothing brings loved ones and friends together like the holiday season. If you are like many San Antonio families, this is the time of the year when you have the most guests coming into your home. As a host or hostess, you will definitely want to give them a warm welcome. However bittersweet the end of summer is, autumn comes with an opportunity to get ready for a new look, especially for the … [Read more...]

Five Tips to Help You Design Your Home Office

With more and more people in San Antonio working from home, a home office has become more of a necessity than a luxury. If you're looking to redesign a room in your home into a home office, then you'll want it to be as functional and aesthetic as possible. This will ensure that while the space will be in your home, it will still be conducive for productivity. Below are just a few interior design … [Read more...]

Laundry Room Haven

How to transform your laundry room into a luxury room Let’s face it, most of us dread any amount of time we have to spend in our laundry room. Is it because sorting, washing, drying and folding simply don’t make the top ten list of stuff we love to do? Or, because our laundry room is the least luxurious area in our home? If your laundry room has you feeling all washed up, it may be time to … [Read more...]

Media Hype for Your Home Theater

Decorating tips to create your awesome media room It’s no secret that the cost of movie tickets these days has sky-rocketed. You only hope that after shelling out close to twenty dollars per person at the local San Antonio multi-plex that the movie you’ve selected is beyond fantastic. Many theaters now provide cushy seating, full menus, and some even serve wine. The beauty of having your own home … [Read more...]

Mini-Home Make Over’s

Now's a good time to upgrade your home since you may be spending more time indoors in the cool winter months. We're here to help you make your home more beautiful and inviting for this season and all year. Here are some easy "Mini Home Make Over's" with little or no expense: Move furniture around, place the sofa at an angle. Move console pieces to different locations in your home. Turn the … [Read more...]

Space Planning

When wondering how to place furniture in a room, there are a few tips you might want to know in regards to space planning. Here are some general "rules of thumb" for you to think about. Your dining room table should provide 2 feet of space per person. If traffic passes behind seated guests, allow at least 44 inches to walk by comfortably. If hanging a chandelier over your table, measure the … [Read more...]

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