Five Tips to Help You Design Your Home Office


With more and more people in San Antonio working from home, a home office has become more of a necessity than a luxury. If you’re looking to redesign a room in your home into a home office, then you’ll want it to be as functional and aesthetic as possible. This will ensure that while the space will be in your home, it will still be conducive for productivity. Below are just a few interior design ideas you can apply to attain your much-needed efficient home office:

1. Choose the right window coverings

It’s almost impossible to focus on your work when there are frequent distractions from outside or interruptions from noise. Working in your home office demands a lot more concentration to remain productive. Ensure you have the right window coverings to keep the noise out but still let the light in. Not only will it be a tasteful statement to your interior décor, but it also adds a professional feel to your workspace.

Home Office with duette window coverings

Hunter Douglas Duette® Architella Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb shades are the best for a classic yet contemporary look. Duette coverings with different cell sizes, for instance, provide light-control flexibility with options ranging from sheer to opaque. The Alustra® Collection of Duette® Architella® offers superb energy-efficiency fused with style throughout the seasons. If, however, you’re looking to add more color to your workspace, experiment with Design Studio Roman Blinds.

Home Office with Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Roman shades

Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Roman shades

2. Invest in different lighting fixtures

Lighting is often overlooked, but is an essential part in making your home office functional at all times. Natural lighting offers a comfortable working space. However, if you’re setting up your home office in a room with no windows like a basement, find a daylight-replicating source of light. Also, consider trying light fixtures with varying intensities, for long working nights or cloudy days. Lighting fixtures that are dimmable and allow you control the brightness and intensity of light are vital if you want to avoid problems such as glares from the computer screen and eyestrain.

3. Use color to give your home office the right emotional tone

Color is said to stimulate certain emotions, as well as have an impact on cognitive performance. Most corporate offices factor in this concept when it comes to color scheme selection for their offices’ interior design. For instance, you may find that the colors used for boardrooms, where most ideas are brainstormed, is not the same color used in the sales room. The same should apply to your home office. If you’re looking to keep your mood and productivity levels on high, choose colors that inspire you.

Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades in Home Office

Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades

4. Add a bigger feel to your small office space

  • Space is often the biggest issue for most San Antonio home offices. Fortunately, there are few tactics you can try to incorporate the illusion of space:
  • Use light, warm and soothing colors, as darker colors can make the room feel more enclosed.
  • Select furnishings with enclosed storage to reduce clutter.
  • Mount wall-shelves to increase floor space.
  • Used recessed lighting. Recessed lighting is an interior design concept referred to as wall-washing, where light is fixed in a hollow space at a ceiling to illuminate the walls, giving off a larger feel to the room.

5. Make the space your own

One of the advantages of working from your home office is that you can express your personal tastes and surround yourself with accessories that you love. Add your own extras to enhance the comfy feel of your home office. These could be things such as a special photo, a piece of art, plants, or anything that could positively influence your space and help you work more efficiently.

Home office with plants and candles

I hope you enjoy your new or redesigned home office! Putting some time and thought into these five simple improvements will help you to not only be motivated to spend time in your beautiful new space, but work more productively, too.

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