Kitchen Remodeling Decisions for a Timeless Kitchen – Part 1


We all love following the kitchen remodeling trends, and it is tempting to jump into a remodel with the latest colors and textures at the top of our wish lists. Unfortunately, the backlash is that you may end up with a look that is dated down the road and “remodeler’s remorse” when the style that you loved this year shows itself to be another passing fad just a few years later.

The reality is that most San Antonio homeowners only do a major kitchen remodel one time.  Keeping that in mind, you really want to do it right for your style of living and the resale value of your home. If you do, you could recover about 67% of this investment into your kitchen when you sell your home.

So here are a few of the decisions that you will be making as your plan your kitchen remodel.

These considerations will help you make choices that will help your kitchen retain its beauty, marketability, and value — all while giving you enjoyment and flexibility for updates for decades to come.

#1: White is Right

Bottom line: White is a very marketable color. It simply doesn’t go out of style. Whether you choose one white surface, or several like the kitchen below, the white will be a classic color choice for your kitchen.

white kitchen

  • White is tolerant of both your budget and taste: you’ll find white cabinets, tile, counters, sinks, and appliances at in a variety of budget categories.
  • It’s a bright color that reflects light and makes even small kitchens feel larger.
  • White says, “clean” – dirt has no place to hide.
  • White is a blank canvas to show off your colors and style. You can be as conservative or expressive as you want. Add color with dishes and glassware on open cabinets or red kitchen aide on the counter. Paint your walls with whatever color is your current favorite. These are easy elements to change as often as you like but will always look great against the white backdrop.

#2: Choose Hardwood for Flooring

Hardwood flooring is one of the most sought after features for home buyers. Many home buyers who purchased a home without hardwood floors say they would have paid an extra couple thousand for them.

model home kitchen with wood floors

A budget-friendly alternative to hardwood floors is wood plank tile as in this great room.

Why do we Texans love hardwood? It is part of our nature. Hardwood floors have warmth, charm, and come in a variety of colors and finishes. Best of all is how they make us feel – there is nothing like wood for a cozy and inviting space. That’s why hardwood works well with any kitchen style — from casual cottage and sleek contemporary to the most traditional environment.

Hardwood flooring is perfect for open floor plans because t flows beautifully from the kitchen into adjoining rooms. It’s also durable. Hardwoods such as oak, ash, and maple hold up to your kitchen’s high-traffic punishment for years. Solid hardwood flooring can be refinished 10 to 12 times during it’s typical 100-year lifespan.

#3: Shaker Style for Cabinets

Shaker cabinets have clean, simple lines that will forever be in style. They are an enduring legacy of American style can look good in any setting. Their simple frame-and-panel design helps reduce the amount of visual busyness in a kitchen, making it a soothing, and cohesive space.

“In a kitchen with a timeless look, you want the cabinets to be part of the backdrop,” says Alan Zielinski, a former president of the National Kitchen and Bath Association. “You don’t want to be overpowered. You’re looking for plain, simple, clean lines.”

Those plain, simple, clean lines are a perfect fit for transitional style here in San Antonio — a beautiful combo of traditional and contemporary styles.

A timeless design isn’t just about the look of a space; it’s also about functionality.

Check back soon for part two of Kitchen Remodeling Decisions for a Timeless Kitchen as we discuss countertop and backsplash design and kitchen storage.

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