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How to transform your laundry room into a luxury room

Let’s face it, most of us dread any amount of time we have to spend in our laundry room. Is it because sorting, washing, drying and folding simply don’t make the top ten list of stuff we love to do? Or, because our laundry room is the least luxurious area in our home? If your laundry room has you feeling all washed up, it may be time to consider putting a new spin on it with a total laundry room transformation.

laundry room with cabinets, storage

Photo Credit: Custom laundry room cabinets by Christian Brothers licensed under CC 2.0

Windows to the soil

There is a link between natural light and happiness. So why not let the San Antonio sunshine into your laundry room in style, with Duette® Honeycomb Shades. Our honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb design offers energy savings in both winter and summer. These window treatments have features that are perfect for laundry rooms, i.e., control light and sound. The top-down, bottom-up feature allows you to make the most of your view while retaining the privacy you want.

Duette window coverings in a kitchen

Duette® Architella® Honey Comb Shades

It you’re planning a more extensive remodel, a laundry room that exits into an outdoor patio would create the ultimate combination laundry – outdoor experience.

Glass act!

A glass countertop is without a doubt a gorgeous and unexpected design feature to consider for a laundry room remodel. Since many are made from recycled glass bottles and jars it is a fully sustainable material, which is big-plus for the growing number of environmentally conscious San Antonio home-owners.

Photo Credit: glass.terrazzo by John Lambert Pearson licensed under CC 2.0

Photo Credit: glass.terrazzo by John Lambert Pearson licensed under CC 2.0

For a super stand-out glass countertop an additional feature includes glass lit from within by embedded LED lights. And if you’re looking to completely jazz up laundry night, opt for one with a light show complete with flashing, and fading lights.

Uniquely you

A great way to start your project is to make a list of everything you need (and everything you want) in your new laundry room. This will be invaluable for you, and for your interior designer who will have even more fantastic ideas for your new laundry room haven.

Closet Factory laundry room cabinets

Photo Credit: closetfactorylaundry01 by Closet Factory licensed under CC 2.0

Here are a few ideas to help get you started –

  • Ambient over-cabinet lights
  • Pull-out ironing board
  • Oodles of cabinetry
  • Motion-sensor lights for hands-free convenience
  • Wide pivot doors

Also, don’t forget to include design features that are specific to you, for example:

  • Arts and Crafts area
  • Sewing area
  • Task lights
  • Seating
  • Raised appliances
  • Music and Media Center

Whether you’re working with limited space or you have a large area to remodel, with just a few fun design ideas, soon you will look forward to laundry being an experience rather than a chore.

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