Style Guide: Contemporary

What's contemporary style? Simply put, contemporary at its core refers to things “of the moment.” Five or ten years from now, contemporary design in San Antonio homes will likely have a different look and feel than it does today. This is where “modern” and “contemporary” go their separate ways. Modern design has a specific look and feel, developed during a specific design movement in the early … [Read more...]

Style Guide: Transitional

With it’s focus on light and warmth, transitional style joins the best of both worlds and fits right in with our San Antonio lifestyle. If you feel like modern is too sleek and traditional is too formal, your style-in-the-middle may be "transitional." Transitional design is a marriage of traditional and modern furnishings, surfaces, and materials. The result is a blending of the elegance and … [Read more...]

Mini-Home Make Over’s

Now's a good time to upgrade your home since you may be spending more time indoors in the cool winter months. We're here to help you make your home more beautiful and inviting for this season and all year. Here are some easy "Mini Home Make Over's" with little or no expense: Move furniture around, place the sofa at an angle. Move console pieces to different locations in your home. Turn the … [Read more...]

Space Planning

When wondering how to place furniture in a room, there are a few tips you might want to know in regards to space planning. Here are some general "rules of thumb" for you to think about. Your dining room table should provide 2 feet of space per person. If traffic passes behind seated guests, allow at least 44 inches to walk by comfortably. If hanging a chandelier over your table, measure the … [Read more...]

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